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I'm curently doing a postdoc in the Condensed matter theory and computational materials physics laboratory of the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences fellowships for young international scientists. I'm doing computational simulations on clean energy materials advised by Professor Gang Su.

I did a postdoc in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Massachusetts. I was working jointly in the research groups of Professor Peter Monson and Professor Scott Auerbach on using a continus potential in Monte Carlo simulations to investigate silica stability. It involved quartz, tridymite, cristobalite and coesite, as well as zeolites structures

I did my doctoral work in the Laboratory of Crystallography (LCr) of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). My advisor was the Professor Gervais Chapuis. This work was on the simulation of the disordered incommensurate modulated structure of p-azoxydiphenetol (PAP) using a combination of Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics techniques.



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